Sohai Ali Abro is a bit of an enigma and anomaly. Petite at 5'3" she is imbued with an indomitable fighting spirit and a stunning self-awareness and self-actualization, something quite rare in a young 23-year-old.  

But Sohai's seemingly glamorous life beneath that bubbly exterior has not always been smooth..

Born in Karachi  on May 13, 1993, Sohai's childhood was full of upheavals and mired in a nomadic existence due to the sudden death of both her parents within months of each other when Sohai was only nine-years-old. Her mother, who was a doctor passed away from kidney failure and her father , also a doctor who worked for the United Nations passed away a few months later in Sudan. 

“It was very tough with not much” support," Sohai reminisces ruefully. “It was a bit of a Cinderella story with my father's side of the family supporting me up to a point and then deciding to cut me off.,”
Sohai is the youngest of three siblings and has an elder brother and sister who she avoids speaking about. She spent two years in Hyderabad ;a year in Islamabad and even some time in Sukkur.
“When I moved to live with my conservative father's side of the family I even had to wear a shuttle-cock burqa! It was quite a culture shock. "

She thankfully returned to Karachi in ninth grade when she was 15.and attended Army Public School Karachi (APS) and Bahria Model School.

When she was in 11th grade she discovered theater and worked with theater director and producer Shah Sharabeel on his production of 'Bombay Dreams' "He may be seen as difficult because of his eccentricity but he is one of those directors who was focused in getting what he wanted. I had a great time working on 'Bombay Dreams', " Sohai enthuses. She was soon approached by myriad production houses who had seen her performance and deemed her a good actress but much too young.

“They told me to read Urdu newspapers to improve my Urdu which is required for lead roles in TV dramas.”

She was also approached by Fahad Hussain at Citrus Talent and garnered an assortment of prestigious TV commercials including: Pepsi, Mobilink. DJuice, Tarang and Olix. "At 19 I even played a mother for a Cerelac ad!" she guffaws.

Soahai's big break came with Yasir Nawaz's 'Saath Pardon Mein" her first TV serial, opposite Mikaal Zulfiqar. Does she feel she has since been typecast?

"Yes of course actress get typecast as content is not always that creative and audiences get used to seeing you in certain roles and demand that from directors who give it to them. I believe actors should be hired for their strengths and be allowed to be versatile and be offered a choice. It's also the responsibility of an actor if he or she is to make a mark. But oftentimes it is difficult to refuse jobs. But I certainly don't enjoy doing the same type of roles. I like challenging parts but it is difficult to find them. Saath Pardon Mein was unusual and different. It was about a girl who runs away and is abused by her paramour and another man. There is also a transgender character. The serial marked me as a serious actor and contender. "

Sohai appeared in the television show Manjali; in Hum TV's 'Tanhai' opposite Goher Mumtaz; Geo Kahani's ' Kyun Hai Tu'  opposite Mikaal Zulfiqar;  Hum TV's Khoya Khoya Chand  opposite Ahsan Khan Rishte Kuch Adhore Se, with Ali Rehman Khan and ARY Digital's  Pyaray Afzal with Hamza Ali Abassi. and the tele-film Rangraiz Meray

At present there are two films in the pipeline which she cannot disclose much of right now.  Her film Kambakht opposite Sheheryar Munawar is slated to be released in 2017 but has seen incessant stalling."After my earlier two successful ventures in film. I did not want to compromise with mediocre projects and scripts. After the films I had also taken a hiatus from TV and have not done anything in that medium. But I might be doing something either with Urdu One or the Hum TV Network," she says flashing her innocent genuine  smile as she gets up to leave the salon for the 15 designer fashion pictorial.

Stay Tuned for more on Sohai, Fashion Fix Babe of the Season.

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