MyFashionFix was at the FPW17 and what a ball of a time we had! Check out our short crazy videos for all the masala you ever needed to spice up your life!!

Super "hot" Sadaf Kanwal talks about what made her recently do that very "hot" item number!!

It's day 2 of FPW17 & we are here with the very super cool Nabila who talks about loosing weight and what she thinks when people say she looks like 

So is the gorgeous Rabia Butt actually finally leaving the industry?!?

How tall are these gorgeous international models at the FPW17? Where are they from? How do they feel wearing all those Pakistani heavy -duty clothes?! Beautiful Andre answers it all!

Cute boy Yildrim Butt talks about the reason why he's not blogging anymore and also gives wise advice to the newbie bloggers out there! 

Model Saheefa talks about the haircut controversy that recently took the virtual world by storm!!

And here we are, on day 1 at the FPW17 venue, chatting away with Nadia Hussain who's just come back from performing the Hajj! Here's how she shuts her critics if they ever want to criticize her fashion life after the hajj! You go girl!! 

Do Models make good actresses?? Sunita Marshall answers! 

Is model Sarah's Urdu getting any better??! Watch & decide! 

Fawad Butt Lahore sey model aya hai Karachi !!! This has to be the funniest stuff on the internet today!!! Hai hai hai

Asad of PR agency Talking Pointexplains how they tackle the sensitive issue of who gets to become a FRO Wer!!!

Beautiful model Hira Shah gives a big shoutout to the woman who she did her first ever Cover Shoot with!

Feri, the new CEO of Fashion Pakistan Council talks about how the "family" fights ....and how the council is still taking "baby-steps" towards progress!

Amina Rashid, the lady who set up the exclusive Lux lounge talks about setting it up, about Destination Weddingsand loads more! 

Brilliant photographer AmeanJ talks about what he misses from the gold ol fashion days!

Lets crack some Fashion Jokes with standup comedian Saad Haroon!!!

Trust Fareshteh Aslam of Talking Point, the official PRAgency of FPW17 to be sooooooo politically correct! 

Deepak Perwani talks about designer fights and why Frieha Altaf was chosen over HSY to execute FPW17!! 

Did you know anoushey ashrafrecently announced she's all set to get hitched??!! Here she tells us what she might be wearing on her D-Day!! 

When Andleeb & Zurain of My Fashion Fix want Raheel Rao of diva magazine pakistan to tell us how he has sooooooo many followers??!?!

Sharmila Faruqi tells us why u would never see her in western wear at the National Assembly! 

No Zurain no!! Please tell us you didn't ask them that!! But what a fun gang of girls!!! 

A short, to-the-point review by Aamna Haider Isani of Shamael Ansari's capsule collection shown today at the FPW17

And here we are, with the lady-of-the-moment! Shamaeel Ansari talks to Zurain Imam about her inspiration behind the gorgeous capsule she showed today! 

When two journalists are discussing all the sweet lovely words they like using when they see a bad collection! 

No sweetie no, according to you, fashion hasn't changed much in #Pakistan: Maybe because you got stuck in the 80s?!!? We didn't say that... you did!!

Since Shamaeel Ansari's collection was inspired by Turkey, we decided to ask Turkish Consul General Murat Onart what he loves and hates about Pakistan!!!

Zurain Imam is having some fun at FPW17 & we are following him! Here he asks gorgeous Atiqa Odho why we don't get to see her in super Hot Mama roles on tv!!

Zurain Imam gets naughty and asks celebrity stylist Ehtesham Ansari to tell us which celebrity in Pakistan badly needs a makeover

And finally, here's the reason why Saima Bargfrede loves changing her hair color so frequently!! You rock it all so well girl!