What was the best part about interviewing Sohai?

I think the best part of interviewing Sohai was the immediate dispelling of my perception of her and the easy comfort level we were able to establish. Having watched her dancing on stage and in spoilt girl film roles, I thought she would be an obnoxious and vacuous brat. But Sohai was refreshingly mature, intelligent, confident, self-aware beyond her years and knowledgeable, and passionate about the oeuvre she has chosen. Her warm genuine smile was also ultimately heart-melting. I became a huge fan!

Who are your favourite designers from the myfashionfix lineup?

Oh that is a difficult question! I think Andleeb (COO of myfashionfix) has done an exemplary job of choosing leading popular designers and have them provide well-edited, on-trend, comfortable, stylish, limited edition and affordable clothes. I really liked Yahsir Waheed's patchwork jackets; Sadaf Malaterre's jumpsuits and drape dresses; Akif Mahmood's peplum jacket and flared tunics, and of course Shehla Chatoor's intricate and artisanal jewellery. In fact I could find something I like by each designer!

You've interviewed and written most of the designer profiles for myfashionfix: how do you feel being such an important part of the venture?

I have worked with Andleeb for the last 20 years in different capacities as her assistant editor in myriad publications including her original baby Xpozé Monthly, where I was the Senior Assistant Editor. There is an undeniable comfort level between us; I respect and understand her vision and meticulousness and I believe she has faith in my capabilities in carrying her visualization through to fruition. I would have felt annoyed and disappointed if she had chosen anyone else to conduct the interviews and write some of the style tips! I am proud to be part of the myfashionfix team and family.

Which designer was the most open to talk about their work?

I think all the designers were undeniably passionate about their work and easy to talk to about the intricacies of their designs. But I would have to pick jewellery designers Nargis Latif and Khaula Jamil, who were especially emotive and forthcoming about their inspirations, process and creations.

You spent a day with the myfashionfix team at our cover story shoot. How was your experience?

I was not surprised by Andleeb and her team's immaculate pre-planning - styling the clothes and accessories in advance - and I enjoyed watching the easy camaraderie during the shoot between talented photographer Farzad Bagheri, Sohai Aabro and the team. Sohai was a natural and understood the mood of the clothes and Farzad was able to capture amazing nuances amidst a classic venue and backdrop.

What was the best thing about working with so many designers?

Best? Really? (Laughs) As Andleeb knows it is always a challenge to pin down designers amidst their hectic schedules, especially during Fashion Week and exhibition season. I know and have worked and interviewed many of the designers through the aegis of working with Andleeb for the past 20 years, so it was not such an arduous task. It was rewarding and exciting to see the designers' evolution and growth over the years and Andleeb's uncanny ability to always bring out the best in them, and also, to always bring out the best in me!