Wardha Saleem

Wardha Saleem

Wardha Saleem graduated in Textile Design from the Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture and also acquired a diploma in Fashion Design. She officially launched her commercial prêt, luxury prêt and formal wear label in 2010. Today, the Wardha Saleem label is known for its exciting, contemporary, individualistic designs, and is available locally and internationally. It regularly showcases at PFDC and Fashion Pakistan Week, and has exhibited runway collections at the prestigious Maison Moulin de l’Estin in Paris, the Alchemy Fashion Festival in London, TDAP Aalishan in India, and at Fashion Scout-London Fashion Week in the UK. It has been nominated twice at the Lux Style Awards and has been covered internationally in British Vogue, Vogue India, and The Telegraph (UK), among others. Wardha has served as a senior professor and thesis advisor at her alma mater for the past seven years and was also the acting CEO of Fashion Pakistan Council.
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  1. Frill ride
    PKR 9,500.00 PKR 8,075.00
  2. nip & tuck
    PKR 12,500.00 PKR 11,250.00
  3. Birds of Paradise
    PKR 14,500.00
    Out of stock
  4. Cape town
    PKR 7,500.00
  5. pretty meets tough girl
    PKR 4,500.00
  6. mix it up!
    PKR 7,500.00 PKR 6,000.00
  7. sheer beauty
    PKR 14,000.00 PKR 11,900.00
  8. cold shoulder
    PKR 12,500.00
  9. printed kurta
    PKR 4,900.00 PKR 4,165.00
  10. Birds of Paradise
    PKR 18,500.00 PKR 14,800.00
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