Kiran Aman

Kiran Aman

Kiran Aman launched her eponymous jewellery label Kino by KFJ in 2003, now globally-recognized for its signature beaten yellow gold and other innovative techniques.
An artisan inspired and buoyed by her wavering feelings, the aesthetic of Kiran’s über-creative and versatile collections is often a manifestation and extension of her emotions, with the capsules often being symbolic of the women of substance she designs for, who don the baubles to reflect their core spirit and essence.
The ethos of KFJ pieces indubitably reflect Kiran’s own innate sense of style; a cross pollination of two different philosophies; both Kiran’s traditional and contemporary sides. In the past, Kiran has collaborated with fashion designer Sonya Battla on designing collections.
KFJ pieces are exclusively custom-made to order at Kiran’s studio, with each piece of jewellery crafted with the finest materials, with an emphasis on gold Kiran has showcased myriad unique capsules since 2003, including her debut collection ‘The Light’, ‘Bold is Beautiful—Size Matters’, and ‘070806’ - which was inspired by Rumi and calligraphic motifs.
KFJ has been worn by some of Pakistan’s leading icons at a variety of events both in Pakistan and internationally, including Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy during both of her Oscar wins and leading actress Mahira Khan. Kiran also custom-designed jewellery for singer/actress Meesha Shafi in the form of calligraphic earrings titled ‘BOL’ which were used in the OST for The Reluctant Fundamentalist in which Shafi made her Hollywood debut, and for singer Sara Haider who wore KFJ jewellery for the launch shoot for ‘Harmonia’.
Kiran has garnered myriad accolades for her jewellery design, including the ‘Nesvita Women of Strength Award for Best Jewellery Designer’ in 2010, and has showcased jewellery lines at the 2007 Citigold Lux Style Awards and The Musik Awards in 2008, among other ceremonies.
Kiran is also the CEO of Markings Publishing, which publishes illustrated and photographic Luxury Edition coffee table tomes dedicated to Art, Culture Literature, Fashion Design, as well as Culinary Arts and Music
Says Kiran about her reasons to stock KFJ at MyFashionFix:
“I feel Andleeb (Rana Farhan, COO MyFashionFix) understands my work. I have complete faith in her to look after my brand. Any phenomenal shoot you see with my jewellery in it has been done by her. I will be stocking my latest line ‘KINO’ by KFJ with MyFashionFix.”