Amal Asad

Amal Asad

Amal Asad was born in Lafoole, Somalia, in 1992. Her family moved to Pakistan in 2000 to flee the Somali civil war and to enable Amal to pursue her education in "the nearest Muslim developing country."

Amal obtained an MBBS degree from Dow University of Health Sciences in 2016, but has put her medical career on hold to concentrate on her eponymous label. The brand ideology is to contemporize 'Modest Fashion', which to Amal simply means "dressing fashionably whilst still following the Islamic principles of covering the body."

Her signature style is buoyed by the rich cultural heritage of both her homeland and adopted country, and she largely uses bold prints, bright colours, and minimal traditional embroidery on western cuts. She mostly works with linen and cotton, and occasionally opts for silk, velvet and brocade to create stunning fashion-forward separates.

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  1. Kaduna-Black
    PKR 3,570.00 PKR 3,035.00
  2. Zeila
    PKR 6,615.00 PKR 5,623.00
  3. Asmara jump suit
    PKR 3,990.00 PKR 3,390.00
  4. Merca
    PKR 4,830.00 PKR 4,105.00
  5. Asmara-kimono
    PKR 3,531.00 PKR 3,000.00
  6. Alexandria
    PKR 5,249.00 PKR 4,462.00
  7. Rabat
    PKR 7,770.00 PKR 6,605.00
  8. Kaduna-White
    PKR 3,570.00 PKR 3,035.00
  9. Pretoria
    PKR 5,817.00 PKR 4,945.00
  10. Lusaka
    PKR 3,975.00 PKR 3,380.00
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